Atl West Deck parking

atl west parking atlanta airport

ATL West Deck is a remote parking facility situated away from the airport terminals, providing a convenient alternative for travelers seeking lower parking rates compared to Economy Deck, without sacrificing proximity.


  • 2079 Hospitality Wy, College Park, GA 30337, United States


  •  Daily: $16
  •  Weekly: $112
  • Distance from the airport: 1 mile by shuttle


  • Covered parking
  • 24/7 security
  • Shuttle service to the airport terminals

Atl West Deck parking


You can pre-book your parking online or make a reservation at the parking deck on the day of your trip.

Benefits of Parking at ATL West Deck

  • More affordable than Economy Deck parking.
  • Closer proximity to the airport than Economy Deck parking.
  • Shuttle service running every 5-10 minutes to the airport terminals.

Drawbacks of Parking at ATL West Deck:

  • Not as convenient as Economy Deck parking, which is located directly next to the airport terminals.
  •  Not accessible by MARTA.

Overall, ATL West Deck parking is an excellent choice for travelers seeking a convenient and cost-effective option that is slightly closer to the airport than Economy Deck parking.

Additional Tips for Parking at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

  • Book parking online in advance for the best rates.
  •  Consider parking at a remote lot or deck for cost savings.
  • Utilize shuttle services for transportation to the airport terminals when parking remotely.
  • Take advantage of off-peak hours to reduce parking expenses.