There are several options where passengers can purchase a ticket and check in for a flight. This can be done on-site at Atlanta International Airport by purchasing a ticket at the terminal counter. Another option is to book a ticket online, besides, this method quite often allows you to buy a ticket at a lower price. Remember to book the tickets at least 48 hours before flight. Mind to check your arrival or departure gate and terminal, that is usually indicated on the purchased ticket. Make sure to arrive at the airport a few hours earlier before your flight in order to have enough time to go through all the necessary checks. If you need some additional information, you should contact your carrier.

Flight Tracker

Thousands of international and domestic flights are carried out from and to Hartsfield-Jackson airport. In order to be aware of the flight status passengers should use a flight tracker.

What is a flight tracker? This is an incredibly convenient online option that allows people to track a flight and get updated information about it. With the help of the flight tracker, you will be aware of flight delays or postponements. In order to find out all the necessary information, you need to enter only the name of the airline you are flying with in the indicated fields. After filling in all the required information, you’ll see the departure and arrival time.

Flight atl airport

Flight delays and cancellations at the Atlanta airport

There are several ways to find out about a flight delay, cancellation or rescheduling. You can use the fly tracker which always shows fresh and updated information, so you will be provided with all the necessary details about it. You can also be informed about the delay or postponement right on the spot at the airport. Be attentive while listening to the audio announcement, it will definitely be mentioned there. Information will also be displayed on the electronic board at the airport terminal.

Flight delays are usually caused by unfavorable weather conditions (low visibility, strong winds and hurricanes). If your flight is delayed, it’s not a problem, because at the Atlanta airport you will undoubtedly find something to do, where to eat and relax.