Arrivals ATL airport

International Airport of Atlanta is known as the busiest and biggest airport in the world, so it isn’t surprising that there are thousands of arrivals daily. The first floor of the Domestic terminal is usually used for arrivals. At the International one, Level U serves as the arrival place with a path to the E hall. Check your arrival Terminal before the flight, and if necessary, contact your carrier for getting some additional information. Sometimes, due to the certain circumstances, the arrival place may change.

Arrivals ATL airport

Tips after arriving to Atlanta International Airport

After your plain has landed at ATL you have to pass certain procedures.

  • The first recommendation is not to forget your baggage. After getting off the plane, make sure you have all your personal belongings with you. If you have lost or forgotten something, contact your carrier or the lost and found office.
  • If Atlanta airport is your final arrival point, so the next step is to check the baggage, and then you’ll get it back at the luggage claim area, at the certain carousel that matches to your flight.
  • You will also need to check in and undergo the migration service. If you are not an American citizen, you’ll have to show you passport and VISA and other required additional information that’ll ensure your safe stay in the USA. Be prepared that you can be asked a few questions, but do not worry. The answers must be brief and clear.

arriving to Atlanta International Airport

  • Customs service. Customs control checks your things (clothes, hand luggage). Let’s dive deeper and figure out how does this process happen? Your belongings are placed on a special conveyor belt and passes through a scanner with the help of which officers can see things in your bags and suitcases. Moreover, people also have to undergo metal detector checks (remember to get rid of all the metal things during this process).
  • After getting of the plane have to use a path that leads them to the escalator which will take them to the arrival floor. There you’ll face the United States customs and boarder guard service. If someone is planning to meet you (family, friends or your driver) they can wait for you at the arrival area.
  • Sometimes your arrival flight might be delayed or rescheduled. In such situations, use the flight tracker. This is especially convenient for those who are expecting for someone to arrive. With this, you will always be aware of the status of the flight and find any changes regarding it.
  • Book in advance a comfortable ride before your arrival at the airport. It can be a taxi or a personal transfer that will take you to the desired destination. If you have booked a hotel, you can be offered a free shuttle that will pick you up from the desired terminal and quickly and comfortably deliver you to your apartment.

Atlanta arrival service

Meet and greet Atlanta arrival service

Book a special airport meeting service in advance of your arrival. By ordering this service, you won’t have to worry about getting lost at the airport. Special staff will meet you with a sign with your name, help you with your luggage and also guide you to the place you need. You will also get help during registration process; you will be helped to bypass long queues

ithout spending hours on it. Moreover, this service is suitable for those who don’t know the language or have a communication barrier. In this case, the service will provide you with an accompanying interpreter who will solve this problem. No matter what class or airline you are flying with, this meet and greet service is available for everyone.