Domestic Terminal at Atlanta Airport

Domestic Terminal at Atlanta Airport

Concourse Location Gate Numbers
Concourse A South Terminal A1 to A34
Concourse B South Terminal B1 to B36
Concourse C South Terminal C1 to C55
Concourse D South Terminal D1A, D1 to D46
Concourse T North Terminal T1 to T21


How many terminals there are at the Atlanta airport?

The international airport of Atlanta has two terminals which are divided into several concourses.

The Main terminal is situated on the West of the airport and is divided in the three areas: the main zone, South and North sides. The last two serve as the registration area with the ticket office, registration and baggage claim zone.

A well-known American carrier, Delta Airlines, uses atl as its main hub. In addition, it occupies south part of the main Domestic terminal. Travelers will also find there a registration and luggage claim area. Other domestic airlines use North part of the terminal for their flights and transportations.

The main terminal consists of several levels and includes such features as a transportation center, atrium (also consisted of several floors), train station and access to domestic concourses (A-D and T). All the halls are situated parallelly to each other.

Levels that make up the terminal:

  • Level 0 – Here you can find a Plane Train station from which you can get to the needed place.
  • First Level also known as Ground Level – The arrival level is linked with the luggage claim zone.
  • Second Level – Departure are which includes ticketing and luggage claim zones.
  • Third Level – Mezzanine.

Atlanta airport terminal A map

Atlanta airport terminal A map

This hall consists of 34 gates, most of them are used by Delta Airlines. Gates A1-A18 can be found on the right side of the concourse and A19-A34 on the left. Passengers can also find Delta Ticket service here, just in front of the A18 gates. This concourse includes 3 floors:

  • Level 1 – Here you can find a Plane Train station;
  • Level 2 – Gates;
  • Level 3 – Food court and shops;

ATL airport terminal B map

Atlanta airport terminal B map

This hall has 36 entrances, 19 of them occupies the right side of the concourse, others are on the left. You’ll find Delta full range service here. In case you want to relax, there’s a lounge zone Delta Sky Club. Food and beverage zones are available here. However, this hall includes only 2 levels:

  • First Level – Plane Train;
  • Second Level – Gates;

Hartsfield-Jackson airport terminal C map

Atlanta airport terminal C map

Concourse C consists of 57 gates and has 2 levels:

  • Level 1 – Train stop;
  • Level 2 – Gates;

Concourse C provides access to Plain Train which links International Terminal and all other concourses together.
Food court and shopping zones are located all over the hall.

Atlanta airport terminal D map

Atlanta airport terminal D map

Concourse D includes 46 entrances. Gate D1A is connected to an aircraft train that provides passengers with access to the various terminals. By the way, if you have to exchange currency, you will find it in the middle of this hall. Concourse D is consisted of three levels:

  • First Level – Plane Train station;
  • Second Level – Gates;
  • Third Level– Food court;

Atlanta airport terminal T map

Atlanta airport terminal T map

This hall is directly linked to the main terminal. Passengers can find here check-in point located on both, sides. Lots of amenities and services are situated all over the concourse. Moreover, Delta Sky Club and American Admirals lounges are available there.

The Main Terminal, and the North & South terminals.

Hartsfield-Jackson is really an enormous airport, it is actually quite difficult to navigate there. Even in the Domestic terminal, it’s possible to be confused or even lost. To avoid such a situation, use the terminal map. With its help, you will get to the required concourse or gate. Transport stops are also depicted on the map (SkyTrain, PlainTrain). Follow the airport signs which are located all throughout the airport and help travelers to find what they need.