Parking Atlanta airport (ATL) map

Parking Atlanta airport (ATL) map

Parking Domestic and International Price Per Day
ATL Select Uncovered:$10,
ATL West Deck $16
International Hourly $36
International Park-Ride $14
North Daily $19
North Economy $14
North Hourly $36
Park-Ride-C $10
South Daily $25
South Hourly $36
South Economy Parking $15
Park N’ Fly $12.75
The Parking Spot $19
Preflight parking $20

Parking Atlanta airport atl map

Domestic Terminal Parking

Arriving to the airport by car, you need to make sure that it will be safe and secure during your trip. atl offers you the best variety of parking space.

Hour parking zones are located right next to the Domestic terminal, exactly at the North and South areas. The main advantage of this option is that the chauffeur doesn’t have to search for a free parking space around the airport, he can just pick up the passenger right from the arrival place.


  •  For the first two hours you’ll have to pay $3 per hour;
  •  From 3 to 6 hours of parking the fee is $4 for hour;
  • From 6 up to 24 hours parking you have to pay $36 plus $36 for each additional day;

Keep in mind to have the ticket fee with you. In case of missing or losing it you’ll have to pay the maximum daily rate.

Daily Parking at Atlanta Airport

Daily Parking at Atlanta Airport

If you need a daily parking service Atlanta Airport will provide you with a 4-level parking area which has a direct connection with Domestic and International terminals.


  • For one hour parking you’ll have to pay $3;
  • Day parking rate is $19;

In case of losing a parking ticket you need to pay a maximum daily fare.

Economical Parking

You will find three different zones for parking: West, North and South. West parking is linked to both terminals. Moreover, passengers are provided with a transfer service which can pick them up right from the parking area and drop off at the terminal.

Parking rates:

  • You’ll have to pay $3 for hour
  • Economical parking has the cheapest fares: $14 per day and $16 per day at the West parking zone.

International Terminal Parking

International Terminal Parking atl airport

Hour parking

At the international there’s a parking lot located close to the arrival and registration areas. This zone includes approximately 1000 parking spots and is suitable for big vehicles such as vans or tracks.


  • First three hours: $3 per hour;
  • From 3 to 6 hours, you’ll have to pay $4 for each hour;
  • For a day parking it’ll take you to pay $36 (the same fee for each extra day);

Park Ride

This parking option is located West to the Loop Road and consists of approximately 2500 parking places. In order to get there, you have to use a complimentary airport shuttle that runs from the International to the needed place. This takes no longer than 4 minutes. For drop-off, it makes a stop at the departure level and for picking up passengers it uses arrival area.


  • Per hour you need to pay $3;
  • For a hole day you’ll have to $14;

Additional Parking options

Additional Parking options atl airport

As Atlanta Airport is a sprawling airport, and it hosts millions of people annually, it’s a real struggle to find a free parking place there. So, there are some areas which provide passengers with parking places. For example, most airport hotels provide their visitors with long-term parking service.

Park N’ Fly

When you are going on vacation or on a business trip, you’ll probably need a log-term parking place for your vehicle. Park N’ Fly is an ultimate option which offers passengers a high-quality service for a reasonable price. There is no way to worry about your car safety, as it will be under the supervision of trained staff. Moreover, there is a covered parking just next to the Atlanta airport.

By the way, passengers can park their car by themselves, or they can have a valet parking. The service also includes pet boarding, technical car inspection, oil change and even some repair work. To get a parking place at the Park N’ Fly area just book it in advance.