Park and Ride at Atlanta airport

Park and Ride at Atlanta airport

International Park-Ride, situated approximately 2 miles from the airport terminals, stands as a convenient park-and-ride facility for travelers seeking a cost-effective parking solution at the airport.


  • Airport Loop Rd, Atlanta, GA 30354, USA


  • Daily: $14
  • Weekly: $90

The International Park-Ride parking lot at Atlanta airport offers secure parking, 24/7 security, and a shuttle service to the airport terminals every 15 minutes. Parking options include both hourly spaces and valet service for an additional fee, providing flexibility to suit various preferences.

atlanta hartsfield airport park and ride

Booking is hassle-free, allowing you to reserve your parking space in advance online or directly at the parking lot on the day of your trip. Choosing International Park-Ride brings several advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness for parking at the airport.
  • Proximity to airport terminals, ensuring ease of access to and from your flight.
  • Security with continuous surveillance.
  • Options for both hourly parking and valet service.

However, there are considerations:

  • Being off-airport, a shuttle is necessary for transport to the airport terminals.
  • Shuttles operate every 15-20 minutes, requiring some wait time.
  • The parking lot can experience congestion, particularly during peak hours.

In summary, International Park-Ride proves to be a commendable option for travelers seeking an economical and convenient parking solution within a short distance from the airport terminals.

For an enhanced parking experience, keep in mind the following tips when parking at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

  • Secure the best rates by booking parking in advance online.
  • Explore the possibility of parking at a remote lot or deck for potential cost savings.
  • Utilize shuttle services for transportation to airport terminals when parking remotely.
  • Take advantage of off-peak hours to enjoy reduced parking rates.