Departures ATL airport

It’s a well-known fact that Hartsfield-Jackson is the largest airport in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that thousands of flights are made from ATL daily.

Millions of people hurry to the airport in order not to miss their flight. That’s why passengers should remember that during the rush hour it is worth arriving at the Atlanta airport a few hours earlier before the departure. This will help to go through all the checks and registration quicker and without stress and worries. In addition, you’ll have enough time to find the required terminal and departure gate.

Departures ATL airport

Be ready that you’ll have to pass certain control, security point, including customs control point, luggage check-in, metal detector and so on. Make sure that you have all the required documents at hand (passport, travel documents and flight tickets), so you’ll provide officers with all the necessary things at once. This will save your time and won’t create long queues. By the way, very often there are endless lines at the check-in area at the Atlanta Airport, so, in order to reduce the time, spend there use some online registration features which will help to speed the accelerate process.

Atlanta airport international and domestic departures today and tomorrow

There are several differences between domestic and international departures.

Domestic departures are carried out from the 2 level of the main terminal where you have to pass luggage claim area and some security services. In turn, an international flight involves more checks.

Departures ATL airport

There you’ll have to pass:

  • For international departure passengers have to pass customs and immigration service. Make sure that you aren’t carrying any contraband things with you. Some countries that you are travelling to may ask you for their currency. So, familiarize yourself with the rules and country policy and prepare all the necessary things for the flight.
  • Boarder guard – here passengers have to show to the officer all the necessary documents, such as VISA, passport, departure possibility;
  • Baggage claim zone – all the luggage and personal belongings are placed at the special conveyor where they are passed through scanner. Passengers have to pass a similar procedure through a metal detector. During this process you have to put all the metal things out of your pockets, including telephone, coins and belt jewelry, etc.
  • Only after completing all this registration process, passengers are allowed to move to the departure zone.

Departure useful tips atlanta airport

Departure useful tips

  • Arrive to the airport on time. It’s very important to arrive at least 3-3.5 hours before the flight to undergo all the required checks. If you’ll have some extra hours left you can visit a local shopping mall, food court, lounge zones and other activities provided by the airport.
  • If you have a night or an early morning flight, the best option to choose is to book the airport hotel or apartments next. Staying at the hotel will save you several hours on the way to the airport, moreover, you’ll feel more relaxed and refreshed. Most hotels offer a complimentary transfer to the airport which pick-up and drop-off customers at the required terminal.

Atlanta airport international and domestic departures

  • Upon the arrival at the terminal pay attention to the electronic screens which shows the flight status. Sometimes, you’ll hear audio announcement about your flight. Be attentive while listening to eat, there might be the details about delays and cancellations.
  • For people with special needs, elderly people, pregnant women or passengers with pets, it’s necessary to book the ticket and contact the airline at least 48 hours before the flight. The airport will prepare special facilities for these people and provide them with all the necessary services.

Follow the rules and enjoy your trip!