Transport atl airport

The Atlanta airport occupies a huge area, that’s why it has lots of transportation options, in order to move between terminals and concourses. Passengers are offered a full range of modern vehicles that will pick them up or take them to the required place in a matter of minutes. Moreover, there are lots of transfers that will take you directly to the Atlanta downtown from the airport.

Ground airport transportation options

ATL has some shared shuttle transportation. They make their stops at some hotels, conventional centers and residence areas. Atlanta Airport offers a variety of different transfers which will take you most popular and interesting Atlanta places, including the center of the city. One more possible variant is a free shuttle that operates 24 hours a day and operates every 15 minutes.
Passengers are also provided with a local transport, that links several counties (DeKalb, Clayton, Cobb, Gwinnett). Moreover, lots of hotels located at the vicinity of the airport offer their guests a shuttle service.

Hartsfield-Jackson ATL airport transport

Atlanta car service

Searching for a convenient transfer which will take you wherever you want, you’ll come across numerous car companies. Renting a car is considered to be one of the best ways to move around the airport and beyond. Why? By choosing this travel option you’ll be provided with a convenient and quick transportation. You’ll be picked up and delivered to the required place and it’s one of the fastest ways to get to your destination. Moreover, most drivers arrive at least 15 minutes before the flight, so, you won’t have to wait for your transport.

Plane Train underground transportation

Plane train is the underground automated vehicle at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport that transport passengers between terminals and through concourses. The system consists of 11 four-cars trains with the audio announcement. This train operates 24/7 using two airport tunnels. There are eight stations, all of them are located in the secure area. Each hall and terminal, including international one, has one of the stops. The maintenance departments are at concourse E and F.
Plane Train is a great transportation solution for such sprawling airport as Hartsfield-Jackson. It moves about 10,000 people every hour. One of the biggest advantages of Plane Train is that you won’t have to wait for it for to long, as it runs every two minutes.
In 2024, the airport authorities plan to open another track that will allow 15 trains to run, which in turn will reduce the waiting time and take just a little more than a minute.

Sky Train

ATL Sky Train is an automated transportation passenger system at the Atlanta International Airport. This transportation option was opened in 2009 to provide connection between domestic terminal and halls with a local car rental center. The rout also links both terminals and some hotels.
Unlike Plane Train, Sky Train operates outside the secure zone. It takes approximately 5 minutes to get from the terminal to your destination. In addition, the train service is available 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday and runs every two minutes. The Sky Train station is situated on the West side of the Domestic terminal, next to MARTA’s Airport station. Each train has a voice announcement.

Sky Train stops:

  • West Parking Deck
  •  Center Arena
  • Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway
  • GICC Gateway
  • SpringHill Suites Atlanta Airport Gateway
  • Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel