Amtrack train Atlanta airport

Amtrack train Atlanta airport

If you prefer train transportation, you’ll definitely like to use Amtrack trains for that. But first, what is Amtrack? It is a well-known railroad corporation engaged into passenger transportation owned by the US government. This national railroad corporation is striving to provide their passengers with safe, fast and high-quality service.

Amtrack (American Track) trains operate approximately 500 routes serving in 46 states including big cities as New York, Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia. Moreover, his company provides working places for more than 20000 employees.

By the way, Amtrack offers 1st and 2nd class for your trip. Each train car is equipped with some facilities as air-conditioner, comfortable seats, extra space for passengers’ baggage and extra legroom. Moreover, you’ll get a free Wi-Fi hotspot, so, you certainly won’t be bored during your trip.

In case you get hangry you can visit a restaurant car and grab a snack or have a delicious meal. In addition, the train has audio announcements in several languages, including English.

Amtrack at Atlanta airport

From the Atlanta International Airport there is an opportunity to take the Amtrack, however, there is no Amtrack station included in the airport amenities. You’ll find an Amtrack station at the Peach tree street in Atlanta. In order to get there, you can use a taxi service which will take you to the required place. Passengers can also take the Amtrack at the Atlanta downtown. By riding this train you’ll be able to transfer to multiple locations within Atlanta and beyond it. The easiest way to get the ticket is to book it in advance.

Charleston station to Atlanta airport

It’ll take 7 hours and 55 minutes in order to get from Charleston Amtrack station to the International Atlanta Airport. The layover is about one hour which is included in the total time. The distance is about 570 km. The trains depart from Charleston station and arrives to the Airport station. So, reserve your tickets in advance, but check the schedule, because it may differ depending on certain circumstances (holidays and weekends).