Taxi service at the Atlanta Airport

Taxi service at the Atlanta Airport

A taxi ride from Hartsfield-Jackson to Atlanta city center takes approximately 20 minutes. But remember, during peak hours it may take a bit longer, approximately 30-40 minutes. To take a taxi at the Atlanta airport, upon arrival, passengers must proceed to the Yellow Bus passage, where all taxes depart. Some companies even offer shared rides, picking up the passengers from the North and South parking spots.

Available companies that offer taxi service are the following:

  • SK Taxi Service
  • Taxi Atlanta
  • Yellow Cab of Atlanta
  • Atlanta Royal Cabbie

What you’ll get by ordering an Atlanta Airport taxi

Atlanta airport taxi companies have been known to provide qualitative service to their clients. All of them operate 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Safe and reliable service will be provided to you. Trained and experienced drivers will take you to the needed drop-off spot quickly and safely. When booking a taxi, you’ll have to provide some information about your flight, so, your driver will be aware of your flight status, the delays or early arrival. Moreover, just after your arrival a driver can meet you at the required concourse or terminal in order to help you with your baggage and escort you to the car.

Sometimes it happens that a taxi can be a more convenient and practical solution than booking a private transfer or car rental. It is a well-known fact that the traffic in Atlanta is quite heavy, and it is especially difficult to find a parking place to leave a car. So, just imagine, you don’t have to stress and during the trip, because you can relax and after an exhausting flight while the driver takes you to the needed place. No queues to catch a taxi, all you need is to book it in advance than you’ll receive a confirmation. Enjoy the trip!

Atlanta Taxi fares

The airport has fixed taxi fare for the journeys from the Hartsfield-Jackson airport to the business area (if traveling with two or more people). The fixed price for the trip is $8 plus $2 for every additional person. The flag drop fee is $1.5.

So, the price to the city center consists approximately $30.

Outside the business area the flag drop is the same, but you’ll have to pay additional $0.25 for extra mile.

But remember, that not all taxi companies to or from Atlanta airport has fixed price, some of them may differ. So, before ordering a cab, do a research and get acquainted with necessary information.