International terminal at Atlanta airport

International terminal at Atlanta airport

Concourse E E1 to E37
Concourse F F1 to F10

Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr International Terminal is situated on the next to roadway. Adjacent halls E and F are considered as a part of the main international terminal. This construction is intended for international departures, arrivals and transportation. You will find it on the west side of the airport. Incidentally, a new international terminal was built in 2012, to accommodate a bigger flow of passengers..

After arriving to this terminal, passengers should head to the escalators through which they can get to the ground floor. There they need to register, pass customs and immigration services, after which they get to the baggage claim area.

Hartsfield-Jackson  terminal is consisted of several floors, each of each is responsible for providing certain services:

  • First floor is responsible for arrivals and serves as a Plane Train station;
  • Level U – Arrivals, in addition you’ll find there a pathway which serves as a connection with concourse E;
  • On the first level you’ll be provided with a daily parking option;
  • Level 2 is responsible for departures. Passengers can also purchase a ticket there. They should also pass a registration area to reach the gateway and required halls (E or F);
  • 3 Level– Service area, in case of any questions you’ll be assisted here (cafés, retail stores, VIP zones, etc.)

Atlanta airport terminal E map

Atlanta airport terminal E map

Hall E includes 37 gates. It is linked to international terminal and has a connection with a Plane Train station which transport you through the halls and take you to the required place. In addition, you will be provided with numerous amenities.


  • Food court (bars and cafés)
    In case you want a snack or a delicious meal, come to ATL restaurants, which offers their visitors quick and yummy dishes. Just choose the place depending on your preferences and budget.
  • Smoking area

For those who are into smoking, there are special separate zones located throughout the terminal.

  • ATM’s
    In case you need to replenish your balance, withdraw cash or exchange currency, you should use the ATMs located along the entire terminal.
  • SPA service

At the concourses you’ll find Spa service, including massage, manicure. It’s also a perfect option for those who require a relaxation before or after the flight.

  • Shopping mall

While waiting for your flight you won’t definitely get bored. The airport has lots of shops, retails and Duty Free where you can wander around selecting the products.

  • Free Wi-Fi spot
  • Pet care

If you are travelling with your fluffy friend there is no need to worry about him. The airport provides passengers with a special pet service and pet assistant who’ll take care of you buddy, while you run errands at the airport.

  • Business center
  • Animal relief service
  • Restrooms
  • Currency Exchange
  • Nurse station
  • Special needs assistance

Atlanta airport international terminal F map

International terminal at Atlanta airport map

You can get to the concourse F through the international terminal and vice versa. It consists of 14 landing gates (F1-F14). Lots of stores, food court and similar services as at the E hall, are available there.

Lounge zone (Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club), where travelers can relax and get premium dishes and drinks, Spa service, snacks is located at the concourse F. It works from 7 am. to 9 pm. All you need to do is to book it in advance and enjoy your time there. Remember to reserve it in advance and enjoy this high-quality service.